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St. Louis Wineries

Do you love to drink wine? If you want to drink as many different wines as possible, the best way to do so is to attend wine tasting events. You might get intoxicated in the process, but make sure that you have a designated driver in the mix. We have built for you a list of those companies that will permit you to come to their establishment and taste their wine; some for free and some for a paid fee.  

Villa Antonio Winery                  

3660 Linhorst Road  

Hillsboro MO 63050 

636-475-5008; http://www.villaantoniowinery.com/ 

The winery was founded by Antonio Polesel. He was able to learn about making wine from his dad. He is originally from Italy, which is thought of as wine country. When Antonio came to the United States, he improved his wine making skills, the Italian way. The company also boasts a fine dining restaurant run by Antonio‚Äôs wife, Fernanda, where their wines are also served. They have their wine tasting open to their patrons every day. You can call for more information or send an email to info@villaantoniowinery.com .  


Stone Hill Winery & Restaurant 

1110 Stone Hill Hwy. 

Hermann, MO 65041  

1-800-909-9463; http://www.stonehillwinery.com       

The company has an underground cellar where the wine is stored and where the wine tasting takes place. They also combine that with a fine restaurant that is only steps away. The company has been in busy for about 160 years, which says a lot about their existence. The owners showcase a wine of the month and allow their patrons to do a taste test. The history of the company attracts many visitors out of town. The wines are premium and top of the line. At one time, this winery was the considered the second best in the United States. It still maintains its high quality, but of course, has many competitors across the country. Call them for more information.  

Les Bourgeois Winery

P.O. Box 118  

Rocheport, MO 65279 

(800) 690-1830;  http://www.missouriwine.com/   

This company is operated fully by family. Les Bourgeois provides its visitors with wine tasting from their premier and award winning collection. They also have a bistro on the property where they offer exquisite cuisine. The company is easily accessible from the roads and yet is nestled in an area where you can enjoy your privacy. It is about a mile from Highway 70. The hours are Monday through Sunday from noon until the sun sets. They also have guided tours on weekends and some that are specifically arranged to your schedule. Call today to learn more.  

St. James Winery

540 Sidney Street 

St. James, Missouri 65559 

1-800-280-9463;  http://www.stjameswinery.com 

This company has complimentary wine tasting that occurs from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. They also open on Sundays from 11 AM to 7 PM especially for private tasting. You can join their wine club where you will receive a selection of three bottles of wine on a quarterly basis. You will also learn about the early wine releases as well as the specialty wines that they receive. You will be the first to know when you are a club member. Call them for prices.  


Tower Rock Winery

10769 Highway A 

Attenburg, Missouri 63732 

573-824-5479; http://www.towerrockwine.com  

This is small winery located in the southeastern part of Missouri. They have a wide selection of wines that you can use to give gifts to your loved ones, but they also have occasions in which you can taste their wine before you choose. It is owned and operated by Nancy Hadler and her son. They are opened from noon to 6 PM. You can call them for their complimentary wine tasting events.  

Robller Vineyard Winery 

275 Robller Vineyard Road
New Haven, Missouri 630068 

573-237-3986 http://www.robllerwines.com   

The company has experienced a lot of success because of their family-oriented theme. They have a specific room set aside for wine tasting. The company also hosts many wine competitions nationally. The company is owned and operated by husband and wife, Robert and Lois Mueller. You can call for hours of operation and pricing.  


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