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Dallas Wine Tasting

Wine is healthy as long as you drink it in moderation. You can have a glass of wine with your dinner or if you want to splurge, you can have two glasses during happy hour; after a rough week at work – just don’t overdo it. Wine tasting is another way that you can enjoy wine.

This is an occasion where you are asked to pay or giving one or more complimentary glasses of wine to taste. You can bring along your friends and family to wine tasting events and share the job with them. Here is a list of trustworthy companies in the state of Dallas that offer wine tasting possibilities.  

Swirl Winery 

1311 Main St Dallas,  

TX 75202  

214-573-6603; http://www.swirll.com  

The company is owned by Peggy and Louis. They usually have wine tasting that is highly impressive because of the quality of wine that is included. They pay extra special attention to their patrons. Most of the customers that walk through their doors are known on a first name basis, so there are many local residents that frequent the winery, which says a lot about the company. Currently, the website is down, but you can contact them via the phone number listed here. Crackers and cheese is served with the wine during the wine tasting event. Call them today for more information

Calais Winery  

3000 Commerce Street
Dallas, Texas, 75226 

214-453-2548; http://www.calaiswinery.com   

Calais Winery is opened for business every day, but they do their wine tasting on the weekends. It happens every Friday between the hours of 3 PM to 10 PM. The cost is $15 and they have a collection of five bottles of French wines that you can taste from.  If you buy 3 bottles of wine, the wine tasting fee will be waived. You are also allowed to reserve your very own private wine tasting occasion. The winery is also available for baby showers, weddings, corporate functions and birthday parties. Call the company today to learn more.  


Fuqua Winery

3737 Atwell Street #203,  

Dallas, TX 75209 

214-769-1147;  http://www.fuquawines.com    

Fuqua Winery is owned by Lee Fuqua and his wife. The company has their own wine that is made in house. They boast three types of red wine and one type of white wine. Wine tasting is done on Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only. You have to call ahead of time to get in. The waiting list fills up fast, so you have to call weeks before. The company is small, but very family oriented. Call today to learn more and to get wine tasting prices. For general information, you can email info@fuquawinery.com.  

Inwood Estates Vineyard 

1350 Manufacturing Street, Suite 209 

Dallas, Texas, 75207 

214-902-9452;  http://www.inwoodwines.com    

Inwood Estates Vineyard is owned by Dan and Rosemary Gatlin. He and his staff members are devoted to the public when it comes to wine tasting and wines in general. They have a wine club that you can join got get the full benefits of wine tasting and to learn more about wines; how to make them and which ones to purchase. The wine tasting event is not free, but there was no price list. You will have to call or email getinfo@inwoodwines.com for more details on the pricing. 

Times Ten Cellars 

6324 Prospect Avenue Dallas,  

Texas 75214 

214-824-9463; http://www.timestencellars.com/ 

You are invited to do your wine tasting at their wine tasting counter and then sit in their tasting lounge to enjoy each taste of fine wine. They open about 1PM during the day time and close at 12 AM on weekends and 10 PM during the week. You can have your own private party in their winery. You can call them for their complimentary wine tasting events.  

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