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Wine Tasting Cincinnati

Wine is a good conversation piece. It is also something that many people enjoy after a hard day at work. You don’t have to wait until you have a special occasion to enjoy a nice glass of wine. You can attend a wine tasting event to ‘taste and see,’ which wines you like best.

For the most part, the cost for wine tasting is very minimal. Here is a list of highly regarded companies in the state of Cincinnati that are known for their appealing wineries.  


Anderson Winery

5710 Wooster Pike 

Cincinnati, OH 45227 

513-624-0651; http://www.andersonwinery.com  

The company does have wine tasting tours for everyone who is interested. They also provide wines for events such as wedding, corporate events, graduations, house warming, reunions, New Year’s celebration, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. Call them today for more information.  


Wood Stone Creek  

3641 Newton Ave 

Cincinnati, OH 45207 

513-569-0300; http://www.woodstonecreek.com   

At Wood Stone Creek, wine tasting is free and takes place on the weekends; Saturdays and Sundays, from 1 PM to 6 PM. The wine tasting room used to be the owner’s office, but now the public can come in on the weekends to see how wine is made and to taste some of the fine wines that are available. You are allowed to taste samples of the latest wine releases for a small cost. You can also buy a bottle of wine or a case of wine. The environment at Wood Stone Creek is friendly and simple it is an informal setting. There is a bar that you can sit at and talk with strangers. Many friends have been started over a glass of wine. Call the company today to learn more.  


Vinoklet Winery

11069 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45252 

513-385-9309;  http://www.vinokletwines.com    

This company offers wine tasting. They also have a restaurant on the thirty acre property. Vinoklet Winery boasts more than 8 award winning wines that have been noticed by people across the nation. The company provides an atmosphere that you can hold weddings, private parties and corporate events. Thirteen years ago, the company started a wine festival that is dutifully kept each year for people who love to drink wine. Call today to learn more.  

Meier's Wine Cellars 

6955 Plainfield Road 

Cincinnati, OH 45236 

1-800-346-2941;  http://www.meierswinecellars.com   

Meier’s Wine Cellars has devoted their services to have people come in and enjoy the fine wine collection that they have. They do wine tasting from 9 AM to 5 PM; Tuesdays through Saturdays. There is no cost for tasting their wines, but the number of wines offered for the wine tasting is limited. You get to learn so much about wines by the staff members assigned to the wine tasting event. This is a complimentary service and can prove to be a lot of fun.  Call them for more information and pricing.  


Henke Winery

3077 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45211 

513-662-9463; http://www.nashobawinery.com/  

The Henke Winery does offer wine tasting for only one dollar. You can enjoy the romantic experience of wine, food and music. You can taste 7 wines for only five dollars as long as the company is opened for business. The hours of operation vary from day to day, but the earliest they open is 11 AM and close at 10:30 PM. The company take part annually in wine competitions where the finest wines in Ohio are chosen by a panel of judges. You can call them for their complimentary wine tasting events.  

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