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Wine Tasting Long Island (NY)

You wouldnt think that long island would have alot of vineyards but you would be mistaken to think that there are not a ton of awesome places to taste wine.  There are literally hundreds of local shops, liquor stores, and vineyards along long island, and they are home to some of the finest wines in the US.  Take a look at some of these great vineyards we found up and down the island. 

Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard

2114 Sound Avenue 

P.O. Box 245 

Baiting Hollow, NY 11933 

631-369-0100; http://www.baitinghollowfarmvineyard.com/  

Most wineries in Long Island host wine tasting events and have a special tasting room to do so. They are usually opened throughout the week from 11 AM to 5 PM; like the Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyards is. Their tasting room looks like a small cafĂ© that has a several tables as well as a bar. You will get a short list of the types of wine that are available for tasting for that particular day. The cost for wine tasting at this fine establishment is as follows (came from their website): 

3 Demi Tastes - $6.00 

4 Demi Tastes - $8.00 

6 Demi Tastes - $10.00 

           1 Grand Taste - $7.00 

The company asks that you be at least 21 years of age to be able to participate in their wine tasting. Call for more information.  

Martha Clara Vineyards  

6025 Sound Avenue 

Riverhead, NY 11901 

631-298-0075; http://www.marthaclaravineyards.com 

There is a lot going on at Martha Clara Vineyards: wine festivals, wine tasting, carriage tours, weddings, wine making seminars, live music and karaoke. You can take part in their wine tasting opportunities at scheduled times. Here is their wine tasting schedule (directly from the website): 

SUMMER: Sun-Fri: 11AM-6PM; Sat: 11AM-7PM - WINTER: Sun-Fri: 11AM-5PM; Sat: 11AM-6PM  

Call the company today to learn more or send an email to info@marthaclaravineyards.com .  

Mattebella Vineyards 

46005 Main Road (Route 25) 

Southold, NY 11971 

1-888-628-8323;  http://www.mattebellavineyards.com    

Matte Bella Vineyards is located in Long Island and they do offer wine tasting, but only by appointment. They do wine tasting with food and sometimes without food. For their private events, you do have to call for an appointment as well. They do offer an opportunity for patrons to join their wine club, which allows you to use their facility and buy wine at a ten percent discount. Call today to learn more and to get wine tasting prices or you can email inquiry@mattebellavineyards.com for a quick response.  

Palmer Vineyard 

108 Sound Avenue, Rte. 48 

Riverhead, NY 11901 

631-722-WINE;  http://vintnersown.com/  

Palmer Vineyard does offer wine tasting. On their website, their wine tasting schedule is as follows: 

Schedule - 11AM-6PM daily (June-Oct.) 11AM-5PM daily (Nov-May). Their vineyard tours are schedule during the same time. They do have various events and will allow private parties, weddings, and other celebrations. They do have a wine club that offers ten percent discount if you order 3 bottles of wine each month and fifteen percent for more than three bottles of wine. Call them to learn more.  

Duck Walk Vineyards 

231 Montauk Hwy (Rte 27) 

Water Mill, NY 11976 

631-726-7555; http://www.duckwalk.com/ 

Duck Walk Vineyards has wine tasting every day from 11AM to 5:30 PM. They do have wine vineyard tours, events and a wine club. The company was started in 1994 and owned and operated by father and son. The company is opened every day of the week except for holidays. Their winery tours are usually during the spring time. They sell wine by the bottle and by the glass and you can enjoy it with cheese and crackers, live music and snacks.  You can call them to learn more. 

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