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Water Parks in New York

There are tons of fun things to do in New York, and its just a matter of time before outdoor activities get added back to the list.  We have been to many major indoor and outdoor water parks in the New York area, and wanted to share our reviews of some of these places on here. 

One thing you should note is many of these places have limited schedules, so you should always check their website to make sure they are open, or give them a call.  There is nothing worse than showing up at the park, only to find that it is closed because of weather or maintanence.  Check out these fun indoor and outdoor water parks in NY this summer:

Splish Splash 

2549 Splish Splash Drive
Calverton, NY 11933  

631-727-3600; http://www.splishsplashlongisland.com/   

The Tunnel of Terror is the featured water ride that is only one of three in the entire country. If you are afraid of the dark, this one is not for you, but if you are in for a great adventure, you will be highly entertained.  It will take you on a spin and make you dizzy with delight. On their alien invasion, you will be screaming all the way to the bottom of the ride. Barrier Reef spirals you down to an abyss where you have to try to avoid the attack of a fake shark. Kids will have such a fearful delight with this one. The surf city wave pool is another feature that makes your day enjoyable. Pick up your phone and call them today. 

Enchanted Forest Water Safari 

3183 State Rt. 28 

Old Forge NY 13420 

315-369-6145; http://www.watersafari.com/    

The company has made it easy for anyone to enter this water park. They have a saving plan that is packed with discounts. If you go to the park anytime after 3 PM on days that the park opens at 10 AM, you will enter the park for free. You will receive a new park pass when you go into the park on that same day. You can also join their membership club to get even more park benefits. You are able to access the park by paying only half the price that other patrons pay. If you buy a pass for the summer season, you will be able to get in free all summer. Call them for more information.  

Sea Breeze Raging Rivers

4600 Culver Rd,  

Rochester, NY 14622 

1-800-395-2500; http://www.seabreeze.com/   

If you want to have a nice family and fun day planned, you can do so at Sea Breeze Raging Rivers. You will be so filled with excitement before and after you finish the day. There are attractions that exceed your imagination. In fact, there are about 70 of them altogether; from rides to games; water slides, tons of food to eat and live shows that you can watch. The environment is safe and clean. It is moderately sized and has tons of parking that is free to all patrons. Enjoy your summer at Sea Breeze Raging Rivers. Call them today.   

Thunder Island

21 Wilcox Road,  

Fulton, NY 13069 

315-598-8016;  http://www.thunder-island.com/  

The park was first opened as a Go-Kart event. It was extended to include a mini golf course. Since then it has been redesigned to include water slides and other water attractions such water rides and other outdoor activities. You can enjoy a warm day in the sun with your family at Thunder Island. There is so much to do including hopping into the Lazy River for a satisfying time. Call for prices.  

Zoom Flume 

10 Shady Glen Rd,  

East Durham, NY 12423 

1-800-888-3586; http://www.zoomflume.com/  

This company has one of the lowest prices to enter its water park in the New York area. It is close to a few resorts so you can have a vacation and have fun doing so. It is located about two hours from the city of New York, so you are not too far away, but far enough to enjoy the rural scenery of this city. Call for more information.  

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