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Skydiving in Pittsburgh PA



There are plenty of fun places to go skydiving in and around the pittsburgh pa area.  We have compiled this list to help you decide on where to go next for your skydiving adventure.  If you have visited any of these places, you can also leave your feedback below, or just email us.  Enjoy!

Skydive Pennsylvania



800-909-JUMP   http://www.skydivepa.com/ 

Located just North of Pittsburgh, Skydive Pennsylvania is an experienced skydiving outfitter.  Their crew will take you on an exciting but safe adventure through the Pennsylvania skies. 


If you are traveling North of the city, stop by and see why so many customers keep coming back for more! 



800-943-4029          http://www.pittsburghskydive.com/ 

Are you ready to tackle the ultimate thrill ride?  What better place than Pittsburgh to do that?  Add a little excitement to your vacation and give Pittsburgh Skydive a call to learn about their awesome flights.  Soar through the beautiful Pittsburgh skies as you plummet 10,000+ feet.  Tandem jumps are available for first time skydivers.  Experienced skydivers can enjoy a breathtaking solo freefall. 


Skydiving Pittsburgh 


800-583-5867          http://skydivingpittsburgh.com 

Skydiving Pittsburgh is one of the best skydiving companies in the state.  They offer the most thrilling experiences for skydivers of all levels.  If it is your first time, they will make sure you are comfortable and see to it that you want to come back for more.  Give them a call or book your flight online today.  You certainly won’t regret it! 


Skydiving in Pittsburgh 


800-338-8805          http://www.skydivinginpittsburgh.com/ 

Experience the beautiful hills and mountains that surround Pittsburgh from the sky.  When you are Skydiving in Pittsburgh you can’t help but notice the majestic sights.  It truly is a thrill seeker’s dream.  And you can experience it for yourself.  Skydiving in Pittsburgh has an impeccable safety record.  Contact them today to learn more about their exciting tandem and solo jumps. 


Skydive Ricks 


330-426-2565          http://www.skydivericks.com/ 

If you can’t get enough of skydiving while you’re returning home from Pittsburgh, Skydive Ricks is a short drive west of Pittsburgh in Petersburg, Ohio.  They offer a variety of services including training for first time jumpers and those looking to perfect their skydiving skills.   


Skydive Norristown 


800-970-3483          http://skydivenorristown.com/ 

This experienced skydiving outfitter resides in nearby Norristown, Pennsylvania.  They know how to show you a great time.  Experience the thrill of skydiving with one of their out-of-this-world tandem flights.  Your adventure of a lifetime is merely a phone call away! 


Comedian From Pittsburgh Performing his act, while skydiving




Other Nearby Fun Things To Do:


Pittsburgh resides on the far Western part of the great state of Pennsylvania. Known as the “Steel City”, Pittsburgh is sort of the gateway to the Northeast. The potential activities around town are plentiful, regardless of age. When you are hungry, there is a restaurant called “Primanti’s” that you simply cannot miss out on. Their sandwiches are amongst the best in the country. While there are many great places to dine in Pittsburgh, none are more famous than Primanti’s.


You can also try a hot air balloon ride in lancaster pa if you are in the area, and experience something not quite as thrilling as a skydive.  We have listings of practically every place you can go, and it makes a great gift idea.


When visiting town you will notice a passion for the Steelers.  Football is in their blood, and cheering on the Steelers is the biggest Pittsburgh tradition.  Should you seek some entertaining nightlife, head Downtown.  There are tons of bars, clubs, and places to hang out.  You can also go skydiving around the Pittsburgh area.  With the region having so many hills, the scenery is marvelous.  What better way to expose your courage than by skydiving with one of these fine local businesses? 








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