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Skydiving in New York


The State of New York is famous for many things, including skydiving. Most notably, it is home to the largest city in the country – New York City. NYC has as much culture, entertainment, and delicious cuisines as any city in the United States. You can’t possibly experience everything worth seeing on a short vacation.


When traveling to NYC, you have to try a tasty New York-style pizza at one of the many great local restaurants. For entertainment, why not take in a Broadway show? Or get tickets to see David Letterman? For the sports lovers, there’s always a big game in town. 


Between the Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Flyers, Yankees, Mets, Giants, and Jets, you’re almost certain to have a game to go to.  There is also plenty of sightseeing to do in NYC.  The Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero, and Central Park are all must see places.


But there’s much more to the state than just one city.  In fact, upstate New York has plenty of places to see and things to do.  For example, Lake Placid is one of the most scenic places in America to visit.  There’s also Buffalo – a blue collar town that loves their sports and chicken wings.  And that’s just a start! 


Last but not least – when traveling to New York – you should bring out the adventurer in you and give skydiving a try.  Soar through the New York skies while looking down upon beautiful scenery.  Book your skydiving adventure today at one of these recommended companies. 


Skydive The Ranch (Gardner) 


845-255-4033          http://www.skydivetheranch.com 

First time jumpers will learn the ropes on a tandem dive.  You must be at least 18 years of age to enjoy skydiving.  Cost is affordable - $199.00 per person (as of 2/11). 


Skydive Long Island (Long Island / Calverton) 


631-208-3900   http://www.skydivelongisland.com/ 

Located just 70 miles from New York City, Skydive Long Island is a full service skydive training facility.  They’ve been servicing New York for over 24 years and have an impeccable safety record that speaks for itself.  Experience Long Island from a bird’s eye view. 


Frontier Skydivers (Buffalo) 


716-751-6170          http://www.frontierskydivers.com/ 

Learn how to skydive at Frontier Skydivers.  It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you’ll quickly become an expert in no time.  Oh, and you’ll have a blast while you learn.  Buffalo has great scenery, so why not experience it from above? 


Finger Lakes Skydivers (Ovid) 


607-869-5601          http://www.skydivefingerlakes.com/ 

Your skydiving adventure begins at an altitude of 10,000 feet.  Then you will freefall for approximately 30 seconds before the parachute opens and you enjoy a peaceful 5 minute float to the ground.  Safety is taken very seriously at Finger Lakes, so they will prepare you for a safe and enjoyable dive. 


Skydive Central New York (Weedsport) 


315-535-7777          http://www.skydivecny.com 

You don’t have to be experienced when you dive with Skydive Central New York.  They’ll take you on an enjoyable tandem jump that will leave you begging for more.  They are conveniently located in the Central part of the state, right between Syracuse and Rochester.  The views of the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario provide the most beautiful backdrop you could possibly imagine. 


RochesterSkydivers (Rochester) 


585-589-9340          http://www.rochesterskydivers.com/ 

If you’re in Rochester and are a thrill seeker, you’ll be in heaven with this company.  They provide full training and certification for those wanting to become licensed skydivers.  For those new to skydiving, you will enjoy a tandem flight.  Don’t forget to purchase a DVD of your skydive to relive the memories.


Skydiving Over Long Island New York



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