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Skydiving in Dallas Texas


There are plenty of new and exciting things to do in the Dallas area, but none are as exciting as jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.  If you are looking for fun and excitement, there is nothing better than skydiving, and we have done the research to help you find a safe, clean, and friendly provider near you.



214-431-4689  http://www.dallasskydive.com/ 

Looking for the perfect place to skydive near  Dallas? This company will help you book your first  skydive at one of their world class skydiving Dropzones. They have Professionals waiting to assist you seven days a week and no one knows more about skydiving in Texas!  Give them a call today to plan your adventure of a lifetime. 


Skydive Dallas 




Are you ready to make your first jump?  Or are you ready to continue your skydiving career in an exciting location?  Skydive Dallas will take you on a journey you could never have imagined.  Customers keep coming back to them for a reason.  Contact them today to find out why. 


NorthTexas Skydiving Center 


800-425-8375         http://northtexasskydiving.com/ 

Northern Texas never looked so beautiful.  Get ready to plummet over 10,000 feet from the ground as you soar through the Texas skies.  North Texas Skydiving Center is conveniently located just 40 miles East of Dallas.  Because of the clear skies, they offer jumps 340 days per year.  That makes this a great place to skydive when your home drop zone isn’t open during the winter. 


Skydiving Dallas 


800-943-4029         http://www.skydivingdallas.com/ 

Ready to get your heart racing?  Skydiving Dallas will make sure to do that for you whether you are a first timer or an experienced jumper.  If you are a first timer, they have exciting tandem dives that will leave you begging for more.  When you are ready to take the plunge, give them a call or book your skydive online. 




800-761-JUMP   http://www.dallasskydivers.net/ 

Skydiving is a mind bending sport that you have to experience for yourself.  Their dives range from 9,000 to 14,000 feet above sea level.  Your heart will be pumping from the minute you step to the edge in the aircraft and won’t stop until you hit the ground.  Are you ready for the thrill seeking adventure of a lifetime? 


Johns First Skydiving Jump in Dallas TX



Other Fun Stuff To Do in the area:


Dallas, Texas is the home of the Cowboys.  Football is huge in this city, and the entire state.  Dallas is one of the top sports towns in America – not only football.  Basketball, baseball, and hockey are also big.  There is more to this town than just sports.  The nightlife is as good as it gets.  If you like to party, Dallas is the place to be.  


When you’re hungry, you will have plenty of places to get your grub on.  Dallas is well known for its Tex-Mex Bar-B-Que.  If that doesn’t sound tasty to you, don’t worry.  There are hundreds of great restaurants around town of virtually every cuisine imaginable.  If you like shopping, you will be in heaven.  Dallas is famous for its lavish shopping districts.


You can also take a hot air balloon ride in houston, just a short drive nearby.  From there you can see spectacular views of the city and experience texas like you never have before.


Some other fun activities:


Wineries in Dallas


Wineries in Houston


Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dallas






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