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Fun Places To Go Skydiving in Alabama


Alabama is filled with tons of attractions and things to do, and one of the most exciting is skydiving.  Imagine the thrill of soaring through the sky at over 110 mph, and swiftly touching down after a 5 minute parachute glide.  We scoured through reviews to help find the best outfitters in the state.


Alabama SkydivingCenter


205-SKY-DIVE    http://www.alskydiving.com/  

The Alabama Skydiving Center will take you to the extreme!  First time jumper?  No problem.  They offer exciting tandem dives that will make you beg for more.  Experienced jumpers are also welcome to embark on a solo free fall from the beautiful Alabama skies.  Book your adventure online or give them a call today. 


Skydive Alabama 


866-345-JUMP   http://www.skydivealabama.com/ 

Skydive Alabama is conveniently located within 40 miles of Birmingham and Huntsville.  You will not find a closer drop zone to those cities that provide a minimum jump of 13,500+ feet above the ground.  This is what makes Skydive Alabama such an outstanding company.  They provide customers with the ultimate thrill ride! 


Alabama Skydiving 


888-305-3483          http://alabamaskydiving.net/ 

Alabama Skydiving is one of the states top skydiving providers.  Safety is their number one concern, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an awesome time.  Tandem jumps are available for first timers, solo free falls are available for experienced jumpers.  Get signed up for an adventure of a lifetime today! 


Skydive Birmingham 


888-305-DIVE   http://www.skydivebirmingham.com/ 

If you are visiting or traveling through Birmingham, this is the place to visit.  They provide exceptional tandem jumps from a trained staff.  Proper safety measures are always taken.  If you have skydiving experience, you can embark on an awesome solo free fall.  Plan the journey of a lifetime today! 


Emerald Coast Skydiving 


877-814-5618          http://www.emeraldskydive.com/ 

Located on County Road 95 in Elberta, Emerald Coast Skydiving offers everything you need for a memorable time.  If you wish to receive a skydiving license, they offer affordable training classes.  Or you can just experience the rush of a tandem flight over the beach.   


Adventure Skydiving 


800-505-JUMP   http://www.skydivingal.com/ 

Skydive out of the largest skydiving aircraft in Alabama with Adventure Skydiving.  They serve the Huntsville, Mobile, and Montgomery communities, and are located just 20 miles from Birmingham.  Whether you are looking for a single jump or to pursue your skydiving license, you can rest assured that Adventure Skydiving will make your journey worth the price.  Give them a call today to learn more! 


Other Fun Stuff To Do in Alabama and Florida


When traveling through the South, you will notice a Waffle House restaurant seemingly on every block.  Alabama is no different.  However, there is much more than just Waffle House’s in this exciting Southern state.  While Alabama might not be considered as much of a tourist hot spot as neighboring Florida, there certainly is no shortage of cool things to do and see on your vacation.  


If we were to describe Alabama in one word, it would be “football”.  The folks in this state love their football (mostly College) as much (or more) as anywhere.  If you live here, you are either a die-hard University of Alabama fan or a fan of their hated rival, Auburn University.  Everyone picks a side and roots against the other team with a passion.


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