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Hot air balloon rides in Sedona AZ

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Sedona is one of the cities that lie in the lap of the natural beauty of red sand stone. It is situated in the county line between Navapai counties in the northern part of Verde Valley in Arizona, United States. The unique field that the red sand stone creates around you makes it a delightful sight.


The glow of these rocks with the rising and setting sun is spectacular. There is no other way to enjoy this sight than to fly above in a colorful hot air balloon and see the rocks from the height. The beauty of this place will take you to a whole new world from where you would not like to come back. 


There are a lot of companies that offer exciting packages for hot air balloon rides in Sedona Az. 


Red Rock Balloon Adventures 

105 Canyon Diablo Road 

Sedona AZ 86351 

PHONE NO 1-800-258-3754 

FAX- 1-928-284-1760 

Early flight in the fresh air of Sedona will get you a spectacular view of the vibrant red rocks. This company gives you a pick-up and drop-off service from your hotel. Besides, gift certificates are also offered to you. The flight will take almost 1 to 1 and a half hours depending on the winds and the weather conditions. The flight covers the over view of the whole valley of red stones. You will not miss out on anything at all. You can also visit their website www.redrockballoons.com for any queries. 


Northern Light Balloon Expeditions 

455 Dry Creek Road, Sedona 

It is one of the oldest and the most famous hot air balloon companies that have been serving the tourists and residents of Sedona for years. Northern Light Balloon Expeditions is a company that offers its services to cover the city of Sedona, but especially in the forest region of the valley from where you can get the beautiful scenery of the whole area like a bird. For your reservations, you can call their toll free number 1-800-230-6222 or (928) 282-2274. You can also visit their website www.northernlightballoon.com  


Arizona Balloon Works Inc 

PO BOX 2855, Cottonwood, 



Their tag line says ‘Breakfast With a View’ and their services define it completely. Along with the hot air balloon ride that will give a spectacular view of Sedona, they also give you many other services like breakfast, hotel pick-up and drop-off as well as complementary photos. Arizona Balloon Works Inc takes extra efforts to ensure the safety to its passengers. You can plan your wedding in the hot air balloon, which is a unique way to make your special day even more special. Isn’t it? You can also visit the site www.sedonahotairballoons.com to get an idea of the packages and services that this company offers. 


Sky High Balloon Adventures 

105, Canyon Diablo Road, Sedona 

(928) 204-1395 


The team of Sky High Balloon Adventures comprises of many experts. It has been in this business for years. It offers you a luxurious pickup and an early flight on top of the most beautiful city of Arizona. They have all the services for your convenience and comfort that are very affordable. They give 3-4 hours of complete pleasure, thrill and comfort. You will gather memories from your experience that will remain with you forever. 


Interesting videos that show the real thing in action

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