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Fishing Charters in Key West

Key West is by far one of the most beautiful places on earth. With its pristine and warn gulf/ocean waters, lush tropical gardens, and awesome nightlife, its no wonder people from all over the country move here every year.

The fishing in Key West is phenomenal year round, and their are dozens of outfitters in the area to help accomodate you in the event you don't have your own boat. Many of these outfitters can take you to the far most reaches of the islands, including the local national wildlife refuge. Many of these providers are experienced, anf provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere anyone could enjoy.

Here is a list of fishing charter companies in Key West, Florida.

Fish Check Charters

305-295-0484;  http://www.fishcheckcharters.com 

Have you ever thought of being Ernest Hemingway even if it is only for a day? Well, our offshore fishing expeditions will give you that chance. We have large boats, and large tackles that will get you big fishes. Our fleet of captains is some of the finest in the industry. In Key West, you have the chance to catch a marlin or two; or maybe a dolphin if you are lucky that day. You can even catch something for dinner or you can compete in a fish tournament. Come to Key West where it is happening. Call them now for special pricing.  

Charters of Key West 

1418 Angela Street
Key West, Florida 33040 

305-296-6999;  http://www.chartersofkeywest.com/

Charters of Key West employ people who specialize in different kinds of fishing. The primary focus for the company, though, is anglers. The company treats every fishing expedition differently depending on your personal needs for that day. We don’t care if you are a novice or an expert. We don’t even care if you want to bring your kids. We serve people of all ages. Fly fishing and spin fishing are available to you, your friends and your family. We will educate you and inform you while you are on board. Call today.  

Lethal Weapon Charters 

1418 Angela Street
Key West, Florida 33040 

305-296-6999;  http://www.lethalweaponcharters.com/

If you want to experience the best in deep sea fishing, then come to Lethal Weapon Charters. The chartered boat is air conditioned and comfortable. You can choose to go on a half day fishing trip, an all day fishing trip or multiple times during the day. You can fish for dolphins, marlins, or even sharks. The company offers private charters that can be customized just for you and your group. Our goal is to please you and give you the deep sea fishing experience that you will never forget. Call the company to grab your spot.  

Key West Fish Tales 

305-923-5261;  http://www.keywestfishtales.com 

You may just want a sunset cruise or a half day fishing trip. You may want to stay at sea all day long because you love fishing so much. It does not matter what your needs are, Key West Fish Tales is equipped to serve you. The company provides outstanding service. The fishing boat is built for your convenience and comfort. It is air conditioned and can accommodate up to six people. It is equipped with a refrigerator and freezer to keep your fish. Come to Key West or call today for reservations  

Odyssea Fishing 

305-797-5060;  http://www.odysseafishing.com/ 

The company offers offshore fishing, inshore fishing and offshore fly fishing expeditions that you can participate in and enjoy. Salt fish, grouper, permit, sword fish and yellow tail are some of the kinds of fish that you can catch. It does not matter if you are an experienced angler or just love to fish on the weekends; the company has staff on board to assist you. Call and book your fishing expedition today.

User Reviews of Charters in Key West:

"We came down here for a weeks vacation with my mother in law.  Needless to say, I had to get out of our hotel room for a few hours.  I started looking online for various types of fishing charters and was dissapointed at the lack of professional captains in key west.  It was like I was doing them a favor for going to their business.  I am not going to name any names, but there are not too many down there so you can only imagine."
Mark, New York City

"My family and I were on vacation in Key West just a few short months ago.  We thought it would be fun to try something different, so we decided to rent a small house near the ocean.  One day walking out of a restaurant we had a flyer on our rental car talking about taking a fishing charter at a nearby marina.  Me and my husband said what the heck, lets give it a shot.  What a great time it was!  The deckhands were great, it was like a history lesson on the whole ride out."
Jennifer, Ohio

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