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Hot Air Ballooning in Temecula, California

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One of the most popular tourist hot spots in Riverside County, California is the great city of Temecula.  Located between San Diego and Los Angeles, this town is a short drive from the best attractions in Southern California.  There’s also plenty to do within the city of Temecula. 


In fact, there’s more fun activities for people of all ages in town than some major cities have to offer. It doesn’t matter who you travel with or how old you are, there will be something in Temecula that you will enjoy. Scenic golf courses, famous wineries, state parks, lavish hotels, casinos, plenty of shopping, and fine dining are all part of the local culture. What more could you want? Well, there is more to the city than just those things.


One other popular local activity is hot air ballooning.  Imagine getting a bird’s eye view of Southern California.  You can do that when you book a hot air balloon flight from one of these great Temecula area businesses: 


Magical Adventures Balloon Rides 


866-ENJOY-US   http://www.hotairfun.com/Temecula.htm 

Magical Adventures has locations throughout Southern California, including Temecula.  Enjoy a 60-75 minute balloon ride over the vineyards of Temecula.  Book your flight online or by calling the number above. 


D & D Ballooning 


951-303-448           http://www.hotairadventures.com/index.html 

Plan a memorable day in wine country.  First, you will start the morning off with a memorable balloon ride above the wineries.  After that, you will be treated to a champagne breakfast.  Then you can experience the great local wineries.  It will be the perfect day. 




800-373-3359         http://www.californiadreamin.com/ 

California Dreamin’ has Wine Country’s hottest balloon adventures.  Get a bird’s eye view of these historic vineyards.  For the guys looking for a creative way to propose to their lady; look no further than a private hot air balloon ride. 


A Grap Escape Balloon Adventure 


800-965-2122         http://www.hotairtours.com/ 

The name says it all – a grape escape.  What better way to experience Southern California than from the sky?  This hot air ballooning company provides flights will entertain large and small groups.  Book your day of fun online or by giving them a call. 




800-548-9912         http://www.sunriseballoons.com/ 

Sunrise Balloons has been operating since 1975 and has an impeccable reputation in Southern California.  Calmly float gently over the wineries as you experience the beauty of Riverside County.  To cap the event off, enjoy a champagne toast. 


SoCal Hot Air Balloon Tours 


888-623-RIDE   http://www.socalballoons.com 

Servicing the entire Southern California area, SoCal Hot Air Balloon Tours has been ballooning since 1982.  Over the years they have provided memorable experiences to many famous people including Chuck Norris, Jessica Simpson, and Cheech Marin.  Even if you aren’t famous, you will still have the time of your life. 


Thrill Planet Hot Air Balloon Rides 


800-943-4025         http://hotairballoon.thrillplanet.com/ 

This is a nationwide company that offers great balloon rides in Temecula. See the city like you’ve never seen it before. Book your flight online to get the best rates. Don’t forget to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one that shares your passion for hot air ballooning.


Reviews from actual customers:


"I grew up just outside San Diego, and have always been interested in air style sports like skydiving.  Im also an avid pilot, and one of my friends happens to be a balloon pilot and asked me if i wanted to go for a ride.  Of course we get there, and the winds could not be any calmer, just a perfect day for a hot air balloon ride in Temecula.  We had a great time, I want to bring my wife up next time but she is afraid of heights!"

Mark, Temecula


Videos from Rides in Temecula


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