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Hot Air Balloon Rides in Seattle Washington

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Seattle is one of the major cities of Washington in the USA. It is the trademark of economic, cultural and educational background of the North Western United States. It is a busy metropolitan city, also known as one of the most car crowded cities in the USA.


Located at the inlet of the Pacific Ocean, it has proven to be a welcome addition to residents who look for tranquility and the serenity of the Olympic mountain, which adds to the natural beauty of Seattle. People often complain that Seattle has lost its beauty in the smoke-filled environment that so many vehicles and factories cause. However, the hot air balloon rides in Seattle, Washington will make you change your opinion.


Take a look at some extraordinary providers in Seattle:


Airial Balloon Company

10123 Airport Way, Snohomish, Washington 

(360) 568-3025 www.airialballoon.com  

Airial Balloon Company gives you a ride in the colorful canopy where they will carry you off to a whole new world. You can get a spectacular view of the mountains and the tree tops. The feeling of rising above the ground and watching the waterways and cascades is an enjoyable experience. KING TV’s has voted Airial Balloon Company as the Best Hot Air Balloon Ride in the romantic category. 


Adventurist Air Ballooning



PO Box 1347, Lewiston, ID 



Adventurist Air is delighted to offer a sunrise or sunset view of the valley on a hot air balloon voyage that will leave its guests in grateful awe of the beauty of the land. Ascend into a one-of-a-kind panoramic encounter above the historic lands of the Lewis and Clark Valley. Glide over golden wheat fields gently blowing in the wind, navigate the rustic landscapes at the mouth of Hells Canyon and the incredible natural pyramids scattered across the Palouse Ridge. Savor the experience of a lifetime all from your lofty perch above the valley’s quiet beauty of hills and rock formations eroded by time, picture-perfect splendor bordered by the legendary snow-capped Blue Mountains looming in the distance.

Effortlessly drift over the winding Snake River while basking in the warmth of a Lewis and Clark Valley sunrise or the painted canvas of a Pacific Northwest sunset underneath the vibrant “night glow” of your vessels’ colorfully lit balloon. 

Over The Rainbow Balloon Flights 


PO Box 2772, Woodniville, Washington 

(206) 364-0995 

The ideal time for a reserving hot air balloon ride in Seattle is from mid-June and mid-October. An early Sunrise flight will give you a long time to enjoy your tour with your loved ones. After the flight, you will be offered the opportunity to treat yourself to the most exotic wine from one of the wineries in the Puget Sound Area. This company offers a complete package of fun and excitement. 


Balloon Depot 

PO BOX 1262 Carnation, Washington, 98014 

877)881-9699 http://www.balloondepot.com/ 

Enjoy the entire scenic view of Seattle between the Cascade Mountains and the waters of the Puget Sound with the most trusted people in this business. A reputed team of experts is waiting for your response to charm you with the beauty of Seattle and the pleasure of its company. They describe their services as the ‘FLIGHT OF FANTASY.’ They have already proven to so many people that this statement is true.   


Morning Star Hot Air Balloon Company

360-601-2433 http://www.nwplace.com/ 

Captain Crystal and her Flight team welcome you to join them in the flight that will “Sail the winds and let your dream come true.” They believe in your experience an unforgettable one with their romantic flight in a vibrant colored canopy. They offer you the sunrise views on Mt. Adams, Mt St. Helens, Mt Hood, Three sisters and Jefferson. This is so much adventure for less.  You can also contact them for advertising using hot air balloons. 


Enjoy the natural beauty of this city from high above the sky away from the traffic. Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the overview of the sea, inhale the fresh air and discover the adventure with hot air balloon rides in Seattle, Washington. 





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