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Hot Air Ballooning in San Diego

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San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the country.  It rests along the Pacific Ocean, and is home to some of Southern California’s top beaches and fine dining.  When tourists come to San Diego, they often want to taste one of the city’s famous Fish Taco’s. 


The Fish Taco originated in San Diego, and has become a popular cuisine amongst locals and tourists. There’s much more to do in this scenic town than just relaxing at the beach or indulging in its delicious gourmet.


One other awesome entertainment option is taking a hot air balloon ride with your lover, friends, or family. Imagine being lifted 2,000 feet above the ground and viewing the ocean as the sun sets. You can do this at one of the many outfitters in San Diego. Here’s a list of them:



800-373-3359      http://www.californiadreamin.com/ 

There is no better way to propose to your lover than in a California Dreamin’ hot air balloon.  Sky high above Temecula Valley provides the utmost romantic position.  How can she say “no” to that? 



800-660-6809      http://www.sandiegohotairballoons.com/ 

Skysurfer offers great online discounts.  They provide their customers with a ballooning experience that will never be forgotten.  They are perfect for a romantic evening or group outing.  No matter the occasion, a blast will be had by all. 


Hot Air Flyer 

714-369-5757      http://www.hotairflyer.com/ 

Private hot air balloon rides along the Pacific Coast are an unbeatable entertainment experience.  They even come with champagne service to add a little spice to the evening.  Balloon rides for groups of 4-8 people are also available when you book online. 


Panorama Balloon Tours 

800-455-3592          http://www.gohotair.com/ 

Panorama Balloon Tours has been serving up memorable balloon rides since to San Diego residents and tourists since 1991.  Complementary hors d'oeuvre's and beverages are served on all flights.  Check out the Del Mar sunset flight for a truly unforgettable time. 


San Diego Hot Air Balloons 

619-565-1354          http://www.balloonrides-sandiego.com/ 

Plan your California hot air ballooning adventure with San Diego Hot Air Balloons.  Escape the stress of everyday life, and explore the beautiful scenery of Southern California.  Gift certificates are available for the adventure seeker in your life. 


Great American Balloon Company 

951-927-2593          http://www.caladventures.com/GreatAmericanBalloonCompany.htm 

The Great American Balloon Company services the entire Southern California region.  Their flights are geared towards thrill seekers of all ages.  Hop in a Great American balloon, and have a little fun already! 


Sun Balloon Company 

760-802-5077          http://www.balloonrides.aero/ 

Take your lover on a sunrise flight with the Sun Balloon Company.  They are an A+ rated company with many years of experience serving San Diego.  Never forget your experience – digital photographs are available to help you recapture the day. 


SoCal Hot Air Balloon Tours 

888-623-RIDE   http://www.socalballoons.com/ 

Experience the Temecula Valley Wine Country from the sky with SoCal Hot Air Balloon Tours.  Their early morning hot air balloon rides over the famous wineries come with tasty white wines.  Give them a call today to book your memorable adventure. 


Reviews from Customers:


"I don't have to say much about the weather in southern California, as you probably already know.  We took a hot air balloon ride with San Diego hot air balloons and it was fantastic.  Just a picture perfect start to the day."



"I thought that proposing to my girlfriend on a hot air ballooning flight would be awesome, so i started looking into the various providers in the area.  You would be surprised at how many there are!  I settled on one that was nearby, and everything went according to plan.  It was a little weird with the pilot standing right there, but other then that we had the whole balloon to ourselves."

Tim, San Diego


Cool nearby videos, with California Dreamin'



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