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Hot Air Balloon Rides in Phoenix Arizona

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Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  With warm weather year round, high tech jobs, major universities, and great golfing, it’s no wonder people flock to this town.  There are so many reasons to live in or visit Phoenix.  For tourists in the winter, it’s an escape from frigid cold temperatures up North. 


For locals, there’s the appeal of big city life without the fast paced lifestyle like you would have out East. Nestled in the heart of the Arizona desert, Phoenix offers visitors some world class attractions, shopping, dining, and nightlife.


Let’s not forget the many scenic views the area is famous for. What better way to experience those scenic views than from the air in a hot air balloon? Hot air ballooning is a local favorite. Here is a listing of providers.


PhoenixBalloon Rides 


877-338-8810      http://www.phoenixballoonrides.net/ 

Grab an exclusive romantic flight for two or bring along a group.  Phoenix Balloon Rides is one of the top balloon outfitters in the West.  Take home a gift certificate so a loved one can enjoy a ride for themselves. 


Rainbow Ryders, Inc. 


800-725-2477      http://www.balloonridesphoenix.com/ 

Phoenix’s little secret – a hot air balloon ride at Rainbow Ryders.  Fly high above the Phoenix skyline and get a bird’s eye view of the Arizona desert.  Memorable flights start at sunrise or sunset. 


Aerogelic Ballooning 


480-247-7813          http://www.aerogelicballooning.com/ 

Their slogan is “Take Your Love to the Clouds” and that is exactly what you will do.  Aerogelic Ballooning has some of the most affordable rates in town.  They also offer exclusive private charters for you and that special someone. 


Hot Air Expeditions 


800-831-7610          http://www.hotairexpeditions.com/ 

Hot Air Expeditions is one of America’s best and largest hot air balloon tour operators.  You can book your adventure online or by calling the above number.  Gift certificates are available. 


The Hot Air Balloon Company, Inc. 


800-843-5987          http://www.arizonaballooning.com/ 

What better way to experience the Arizona desert than from the sky?  They service the entire Phoenix / Scottsdale area, and have been doing so since 1983.  Check out there online photo gallery to view the marvelous scenery you will experience when you book your flight. 


ArizonaHot Air Balloons 


480-282-8686          http://www.arizonahotairballoons.com/ 

This outfitter has been dubbed the premier balloon ride service in town for a reason. With exceptional service, competitive rates, and a guaranteed memorable time, how could they not be? Gently float above the Sonoma Desert, and experience the time of your life. 


Reviews from customers:

"I have been living in phoenix my whole life and always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride.  There are so many festivals going on, and its hard to miss when the festival is going on.  My first ride was such a great experience and I highly recommend to anyone."

Tina, Phoenix


"I wanted to try something unique for our anniversary, so i decided we gotta try this.  IT was a complete surprise to my wife, she had no idea where we were going.  When we got their and she saw the balloons laying on the ground, the gig was up so to speak."



Great Video of an early morning flight:

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