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Hot Air Balloon Rides Massachusetts

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The Red Sox and Celtics aren’t the only thing the great state of Massachusetts is known for.  It is one of the oldest states in America, and was the birthplace of four US Presidents – John Quincy Adams, George H.W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, and John Adams. 


Clam chowder, big city life, and some of New England’s most historical landmarks make Massachusetts a great place to live and visit. A different, enjoyable way to experience the view of the state is from the sky – in a hot air balloon.


Hot air ballooning in Massachusetts has been popular for many years, and have a safety record which is unrivaled in the industry.  The following businesses are the reason for that: 


Massachusetts Ballooning 


800-585-5555           http://www.massachusettsballooning.com/ 

Massachusetts Ballooning is regarded as one of Boston’s top hot air balloon companies.  You will see Boston in a way you never could from the ground.  Flights fill up fast, so book your adventure right away. 


Bella Via Balloon Co. 


800-231-4067          http://www.bellaviaballoon.com/ 

Bella Via, located in Worcester, creates hot air ballooning trips to Sicily, Italy from January through May.  They also provide instruction classes to teach balloon safety and training. 


Aerial Adventures 


508-867-2008          http://aerialadventuresusa.com/ 

Get the safest and most enjoyable ballooning experience of your life when you select Aerial Adventures.  Flight instruction and parachuting is also available.  Contact the number provided for more information. 


Worthington Ballooning 


413-238-5514          http://www.worthingtonballooning.com/ 

Enjoy a customized flight high above the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.  They have been in business since 1991, and have an impeccable record.  See for yourself why many come back for more. 


Balloon Fantasies of Rehoboth 


508-252-3647          http://www.balloonfantasiesofrehoboth.net/ 


See Boston from a different viewpoint – the sky.  Balloon Fantasies uses state of the art hot air balloons for couples and groups.  You will drift over homes, farms, trees, and ponds.  Bringing a camera and a smile with you are strongly encouraged. 



What’s Up Ballooning 


603-344-3128       http://www.whatsupballooning.com/ 

Located just miles from Boston, What’s Up Ballooning is a once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed.  Fly on a clear day and you will be able to see Boston to the South, the White Mountains to the North, and the ocean to the East.  Celebrate your adventure following the flight with a champagne toast and light snack. 


High 5 Ballooning 


603-893-9643      http://www.high5ballooning.com/ 

You will be high-fiving all evening when you’re checking out the breathtaking scenery.  Get a bird’s eye view of the Boston skyline, White Mountains, Atlantic Ocean, and Merrimack River Valley.  They’re just a short 40 minute drive to downtown Boston. 


A & A Balloon Rides 


877-262-8441      http://www.balloonridesnh.com/ 

A & A is located just a half hour away from Boston.  They provide customers with one of the most magical experiences of their lives.   


Reviews from people who have tried these outfitters:


"I actually went hot air ballooning about 10 years ago with a company called "What's Up".  They were great, it was such a majestic ride.  It was in the fall, and the leaves were just changing color.  Would highly recommend to anyone."

Ted, Boston


"We set up a group event for our company, and about 10 of us showed up.  It was a frigid morning, but it was kind of cool to help inflate the balloon.  We spent about an hour and a half in the air, and it was awe inspiring.  The best part about it was floating just above the trees, I felt like i could just reach out and pluck a leaf from them.  Overall a great experience, everyone should try it just once."

Mary, Plymouth


A little shaky video, but still cool.  Local school kids get to experience a ride in a hot air balloon!



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