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Hot Air Balloon Rides Napa Valley California

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Napa valley is an American Viticulture Area located in Napa County, California, USA. It is one of the largest wine producing regions in the United States. The Mediterranean climate and geography make it a delightful tourist spot. Wine attracts most of the tourists in visiting the Napa Valley. 

You can derive utmost pleasure and comfort by going on hot air balloon rides in Napa Valley where the balloon floats above the greenery of the vineyards of this majestic valley. The tour is breath taking and exciting. You can witness the exotic scenery of Mount St. Helena, old faithful Geyser, Petrified Forest and the Palisade Cliffs.

From the sky, about 1000 to 3000 feet above the ground, you will be able to view the endless wine vineyards and the tall green trees in the farms. Flying over the meadow of mustard land can prove to be quite exhilarating and adventurous. If you are celebrating a special occasion, you can enjoy the romantic ride of a hot air balloon. 


Take a look at some great hot air ballooning outfitters in Napa valley, California:


Napa Valley Aloft, Inc.  

1-800-627-2759 http://www.napavalleyaloft.com

The sky is limitless when it comes to hot air ballooning in the Napa Valley with this reputable company, Calistoga Balloons. You will be able to view the majestic mountains and plush wine vineyards from above. There are a range of prices beginning at $225


Napa Valley Drifters

1-877-GO-DRIFTERS http://www.napavalleydrifters.com

You can experience a hot balloon ride with pilots who are very friendly. Get a view of the exotic looking vineyards from above. Each tour includes refreshments before the ride and a champagne/brunch after the ride. All you need on this adventure is your camera and your adventurous spirit. Prices start at $195


Napa Valley Hot Air Balloons

1-800-335-9257  http://www.napavalley-hotairballoons.com/

Visit one of the top hot air ballooning providers in the Napa valley.  Take a romantic adventure, visit one of their festivals, or enjoy a late afternoon flight piloted by one of the most experienced ballooning providers in California.


Balloons Above the Valley

1-800-464-6824  http://www.balloonrides.com/

Save $35 when you book online with this great outfitter.  Pricing is competitive with other balloon specialists in the area.  Visit a local bed and breakfast and make a fun filled weekend with your lover out of it.


Napa Valley Balloons

1-800-253-2224    http://napavalleyballoons.com/

Take a relaxing break from your stressful life with a great weekend vacation package.  Take a wine tour or tasting, and then enjoy the beautiful scenery with a foliage balloon tour.  Call ahead for best rates.


Bonaventura Balloon Company

1-800-FLY-NAPA     http://www.bonaventuraballoons.com/

Looking for a unique way to propose to your sweetheart?  Why not try a hot air balloon ride with one of the most experienced in the business?  Bonaventura has been in business for over 10 years, and has had hundreds of satisfied clients.


Calistoga Hot Air Balloons

1-888-995-7700     http://www.calistogaballoons.com/

You can experience grapevine orchards and lush mountain landscapes with this safe a reliable provider.  Small group events are available, as well as special pricing for large events.  Give the gift of flight with a gift certificate!


Videos of Hot Air Ballooning in Napa Valley

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