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Hot Air Balloon Rides Las Vegas

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Everyone dreams of flying high above to see the world in a different light; however, not everyone’s dreams will come true. Hot air balloon rides in Las Vegas will give you a chance to fulfill this amazing experience. The view above can be breathtaking and exhilarating


Float in the air high above a busy city from where you can enjoy its beauty without having to deal with any hustle bustle. Above all the towering buildings and the residential areas of Las Vegas, you will find everything as tiny as a match box. In this wonderful ride, you can get away from all the noisy roads and colorful lights.


Everything down below will look more beautiful and exotic. Hot air balloon rides in Las Vegas are the most romantic ways of proposing to your girlfriend as well as celebrating your anniversary and honeymoon. It is also an extraordinary way of celebrating special occasions with a difference that will give you and your loved ones the most precious memories that will stay with them forever. 


The pleasure of being free and feeling the fresh air in the warmth of the sun and a scene of Las Vegas from the height is a package you should not miss, especially when it is available to you at an affordable price. The time you are going to spend is just priceless. Enjoy the feelings of freedom, invincibility and independence with hot air balloon rides from the list below: 



Adventure Balloons

(702) 247-6905    http://www.smilerides.com/ 

Fly in the sky over Las Vegas with Adventure Balloons and experience the look down below that can leave you breathless and entertained. The crew will make sure that you are safe. Champagne is provided on some flights. You can book a wedding flight on one of the great big balloons and have the memories that will be invaluable to you for years to come. Call for pricing.  


Memory Makers Balloon Rides 

(702) 682 - 5778 http://memorymakersballoonrides.com  

The licensed pilots will prove to you that they know what they are doing. You will also benefit from the company’s 30 years of being in business. It will give you confidence to fly as high as you want. The company focuses on special events such as birthdays, weddings, wedding proposals and anniversaries.  


We Do Fly Balloon Rides 

1-877-WE-DO-FLY http://www.wedofly.com 

Las Vegas is a buzzing city, but you can get more out of the city by seeing it from a vantage point that most people would not even think of. You can carry your memories away from Las Vegas with a hot air balloon ride. This is a ride that you will never forget. Special pricing begins at $200 per person.  


Lost Wages Tours 

1-888-888-7501 http://www.lostwagestours.com 

Prices begin at $250 with a $10 online discount so you end up paying only $240 for this delightful ride over the sparkling city of Las Vegas. Your world will literally turn upside down, but this is an experience that you will never forget.  


Las Vegas Hot Air Balloons 

1-800-335-9257 http://www.lasvegashotairballoons.com  

Up, up and away in the beautiful balloon and your day will be filled with gasp and an unbelievable sightseeing adventure. Give your loved ones a gift certificate and send them up in the sky for the time of their lives.  


Videos of Hot Air Ballooning in Las Vegas




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