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Boat Rentals in The Florida Keys

Do you love to fish? Would you like to go on your next fishing expedition, but don’t own a boat? You don’t have to own a boat. You can rent one. There are a variety of boat rental companies in Florida Keys that will accommodate and customize your trip. You don’t have to worry about pricing.

You will have several to choose from that offer affordable pricing and special Internet prices. Here is a list of some of the best companies in the area: 

Captain Pips 

1410 Overseas Highway, 

Marathon, Florida 

1-800-707-1692; h http://captainpips.com/  

Captain Pips is located in Florida Keys, which makes it easy to access the water from the bay and from the ocean. The company offers daily boat rentals to those who are staying on the Bay and want to go fishing. You can also get an experience fishing guide to go with you. If you are into sports fishing, you have that option as well. Most of their boats are up to twenty four foot, sturdy and fast paced. You can rent for a daily rate, weekly rate and consecutive days. You will enjoy the liberty of fishing on the waters. Call them now for special pricing.

Florida Keys Boat Rental 

305-664-2203; http://www.keysboat.com/  

The waters of the Florida Keys are inviting. There is not a better place to be each day on your vacation, but on the waters especially if you are into fishing, cruising, snorkeling and sailing and scuba diving. Florida Keys Boat Rental offers glass bottom boast so you can be able to see the rushing water beneath you. It is a great view of the sea above. The company has various discount rates and group packages for six people or more. The company is opened for business seven days per week from 8 AM to 8 PM. Call today.  


Florida Keys Sailing 

Keys Fisheries & Marina 

35th St Bayside, MM 49 

Marathon, FL 33050 

305--731-8105; http://www.sailfloridakeys.com/  

You probably used to wonder what all the noise was about sailing until you began to sail. It takes your breath away and it is a great experience for anyone, you might agree by now. If you are interested in sailing and don’t know how, Sail Florida Keys offers private sailing classes on their sail boats. You can rent it for half a day or a day and an instructor will go with you to teach you the ‘ropes.’ Most classes last up to 7 days and you can make it a vacation also instead of just a class. Call the company to grab your spot.   

Fish and Fun Boat Rental

1-800-471-3440; http://www.fishnfunrentals.com/  

This company provides vacation boat rentals. The prices are reasonable. They also rent kayaks. The prices are as follows: 

$30 for half a day of kayak boat rental 

$45 for a full day of kayak boat rental 

Yamaha wave runner is $85 for an hour ride, $275 for half a day and $500 for the full day; only 3 passengers are allowed on this ride at a time. 

For other boat rentals, you can begin with half a day and up to one week; from $140 to $965. 

Come to the Florida Keys or call today for reservations. 

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