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    Hunting in Mississippi

    Mississippi offers sportsmen more than 2 million acres of wild game habitats, within the 41 state wildlife management areas, 12 National Wildlife Refuges and 6 National Forests. Throughout these areas, ongoing wildlife management practices are enforced to maintain heathly and productive populations of big and small game species.

    A wide variety of hunting opportunities are available in Mississippi. Some of the most popular wild game species include, Whitetail Deer, Eastern wild turkey, and migratory waterfowl, as well as small game species such as mourning dove, quail, squirrel and rabbit. Whitetail derr the most popular species can be found throughout the state in abundant numbers. In fact Mississippi has the highest deer density per acre than any other state in the nation.

    Long seasons, generous bag limits and more private land becoming available through commercial outfitter operations increase the chance of having a successful hunt.

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      License Fees

       Sportsman's License .....................$32.00  + $1.00 Agent Fee
       (does not include saltwater fishing)
       All Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing......$17.00  + $1.00 Agent Fee
       (does not include Archery/Primitive Weapon)
       Archery Primitive Weapon.................$14.00  + $1.00 Agent Fee
       (must be brought in addition to All Game Hunting/Freshwater
        Fishing when hunting during special seasons)
       Small Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing....$13.00  + $1.00 Agent Fee
       Freshwater Fishing.......................$8.00   + $1.00 Agent Fee
       3-Day Freshwater Fishing.................$3.00   + $1.00 Agent Fee
       Saltwater Fishing........................$4.00   + $1.00 Agent Fee
       State Waterfowl Stamp....................$10.00  + $1.00 Agent Fee
       NON RESIDENT PRICES: Valid through June 30,2002
       All Game = Hunting.........................$300.00 + $3.00 Agent Fee
       (does not include Archery/primitive weapons)
       7 Day All Game Hunting...................$125.00 + $3.00 Agent Fee
       (does not include Archery/primitive weapons)
       All Game Hunting Youth...................$110.00 + $3.00 Agent Fee
       7 Day All Game Hunting Youth.............$60.00  + $3.00 Agent Fee
       (does not include Archery/primitive weapons) 
       Small Game Hunting.......................$75.00  + $3.00 Agent Fee
       7 Day Small Game Hunting.................$30.00  + $3.00 Agent Fee
       Archery/Primitive Weapon Permit..........$75.00  + $3.00 Agent Fee
       (must be bought in addition to all game hunting or 7 day all
       game hunting when hunting during special season)
       Shooting Preserve........................$13.00  + No Agent Fee
       Freshwater Fishing.......................$30.00  + $3.00 Agent Fee
       Saltwater Fishing........................$30.00  + $3.00 Agent Fee
       3 Day Freshwater Fishing.................$15.00  + $2.00 Agent Fee
       3 Day Saltwater Fishing..................$15.00  + $2.00 Agent Fee
       State Waterfowl Stamp....................$10.00  + $1.00 Agent Fee

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    Wildlife - Top
      Season: - Deer season in Mississippi opens with archery season which lasts from the first of October until the end of January. Primitive weapon and conventional gun seasons begin in mid Movember and runs throgh the middle of January.

      Range and Habitat: - Whitetail deer is plentiful throughout the state and can be found on all public hunting lands. Whitetail Derr is, without a doubt, the most popular big game species in Mississippi. With an estimated deer population of approximately 2 million, avid hunters enjoy one of the most generous bag limits in the nation - up to five does and three bucks per season. Two additional does may be taken with a bow and arrow at any time during legal hunting season and does not count against the seasonal bag limit. To improve the quality of the statewide deer herd, only bucks with antlers of four points or greater may be taken. On average hunters harvest approximately 275,000 deer per year, many of which score prominently with established trophy organizations.

      Season: - Wild (or feral) hog are not considered a native wildgame species, and subsequently do not have a limit and may be taken during any hunting season with the appropriate weapon allowed at that time
      Range and Habitat: - While some wild hog venture into public hunting areas, most huntable populations are limited to private hunting leases. Unlike their complacent domesticated cousins, feral tuskers are generally very agile and lean and provide an exciting challenge to the hunter who enjoys a novel hunting experience.
      Season: - Spring turkey season opens in late March and runs until the first of May. Hunters are allowed to take one gobbler per day and no more than three in a season. New regulations also require that all turkeys harvested must be mature birds and have at least a six inch beard.
      Range and Habitat: - Overall, Mississippi has enjoyed seceral years of productive wild turkey hatches. Thanks to the steady increase in wild bird numbers, statewide populations are estimated at approximately 350,000 birds. Turkeys can be found on most all public hunting lands throughout the state. Due to special seasonal regulations on several state and federally owned lands, it is advisable to contact in advance the area you plan to hunt for additional information.
      Season: - Wild quail season in Mississippi runs from the end of November through the first of March.
      Range and Habitat: - Bobwhite quail can be found in every section of Mississippi. Huntable populations, however, are now most commonly found on state and federal Wildlife Management Areas in Northeastern, north central, plain and coastal counties of the state. Commercial shooting preserves are specifically managed for bobwhite quail productivity and offer excellent shooting with minimal hassle. Many offer trained dogs and guides as well as lodging and homecooked meals. A special shooting preserve license is required to take part in quail hunts at these facilities.
      Season: - Statewide duck season in Mississippi is traditionally split between a season in early December and a season beginning after Christmas through the middle of January. Snow and blue goose season traditionally runs from the first of November through the end of February. Canada and white fronted geese can be hunted from the end of November to January.
      Range and Habitat: - Mississippi's rivers, lakes and marshes serve as a major wintering ground for millions of migratory waterfowl which annually travel the Mississippi Flyway. While waterfowl are hunted in every part of the state, extensive concentrations of duck and geese can be found throughout the Delta's countless acres of flooded timber, oxbow lakes and seasonally flooded agricultural fields. Several state owned Wildlife Management Refuges provide exceptional waterfowl habitats and are open to public hunting.
      Season: - Mourning Dove season is usually divided into three split seasons between September, October/November and December/January. The seasons are also divided between northern and southern sections of the state. Please refer to state hunting regulations for exact dates.
      Range and Habitats: - The Mourning Dove is the most popular game bird in Mississippi. Even though the Dove is a migratory species, significant numbers of dove remain in the state year round. Populations reach their peak during the late summer and early fall as flocks of additional migratory birds travel through the state. Excellent dove hunting can be found throughout the state, but the largest concentrations of birds will be found in the agricultural areas.
      Season: - End of November through the end of January
      Range and Habitat: - Mississippi is a major wintering ground for woodcock. Preferring dense areas of new growth timber with thick underbrush, woodcock can be found in many areas of Mississippi, particularly near the thick riverain areas of the delta. Woodcock are generally hunted on timber company lands and found in most state wildlife refuge areas.
      Season: - Mid November through the end of February
      Range and Habitat: - Many of Mississippi's bottomland marshes and wetland areas provide a wintering home for the migratory common snipe. Snipe also uses the idle rice fields as feeding areas during their time in the state. Populations are at their peak beginning in February as the birds gather for their migration north to breed and nest. Snipe hunting is enjoyed by many hunters who hunt with pointing dogs and enjoy fast wing shooting
      Season: - The season is divided into three zones and runs from October through the end of January. Refer to State regulations for specific zone information
      Range and Habitat: - In terms of the number of hunters and the total harvest, squirrel is the most popular small game species in Mississippi. Both the Gray and Fox Squirrel are abundant on all public hunting areas throughout the state. While consistently plentiful, local species populations are greatly influenced by seasonal weather conditions and quality and quantity of their prime habitat namely hardwood timber areas.
      Season: - Rabbit Season in Mississippi traditionally runs from mid October through the end of February
      Range and Habitat: - One of the most plentiful of all small game animals, cottontail rabbit can be found in every county of Mississippi. As is the case of all burrowing animals, rabbits prefer areas that are not susceptible to persistent flooding and require some thick cover to serve as a refuge from natural predators. Traditional rabbit hunting areas include elevated river and stream banks, agricultural turn rows and heavy briar thickets in wooded areas.
      Season: - Raccoon season in Mississippi runs from the first of July through February
      Range and Habitat: - Plentiful wherever forested areas and an abundant water supply are available, raccoons are found throughout the state and are hunted for food, sport and pelts during different portions of the season.

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