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Arkansas State Park Trails
Arkansas Hiking Trails - Day trails

  • Beaver Lake State Park

    Shaddox Hollow Nature Trail - Length: 1-1/2 miles, Time: 1 to 2 hours, Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.
    The trailhead parking lot is located off State 303, approximately 1 mile from the intersection on the north side of State 12. The first 1/2 mile of this loop trail follows a ridgeline, providing an easy hike. A scenic vista provides an overlook of Beaver Lake. The trail then decends into Shaddox Hollow. The descent is rather steep in places. The trail winds along the creek through stands of hardwoods and native Ozark vegetation. Some interesting limestone bluffs are found along this section. After progressing up the creek, the trail begins the climb back to the trailhead.

  • Bull Shoals State Park

    Big Bluff Trail - Length: 1-3/4 miles, Time: 2 hours, Difficulty: Easy, with some rough tread
    The trail traverses the wooded hills below Bull Shoals Dam. Overlooking the White River, the trail offers examples of plant succession and wildlife native to the area. A portion of the trail is located near a bluff, so be careful to stay on the trail at all times.

    Lakeside Trail - Length: 1 mile, Time: 1 hour, Difficulty: Easy
    This scenic trail has an abundance of wildlife and is located along a cove on Bull Shoals Lake. It affords good viewing of Spring and Fall colors.

  • Crater of Diamonds State Park

    River Trail - Length: 1-1/3 miles, Time: 1 hour, Difficulty: easy
    The trail begins at the campground, meanders through the pine/hardwood forests to the Little Missouri River. The trail then loops back through the forest to the trailhead

  • Crowley's Ridge State Park

    Dancing Rabbit Trail - Length: 1-3/4 miles, Time: 1-1/2 to 2 hours, Difficulty: Moderate
    This trail is hilly and winds through the hardwood forest typically found on the Crowley's Ridge anomaly. It begins at the southern end of the picnic area, crosses two swinging bridges, and has many interconnecting loops allowing you to lengthen or shorten your hike. The trail terminates near the visitors center.

    Lake Ponder Trail - Length: 1/2 mile, Time: 1/2 hour, Difficulty: Easy, Barrier Free
    View the plants of Crowley's Ridge from a rustic style boardwalk and stone overlook in the unique construction style of the Civilian Conservation Corps. Many CCC structures are visible along the trail and are highlighted by wayside exhibits outlining the park's rich history.

    Spider Creek Trail - Length: 1/2 mile, Time: 1/2 hour, Difficulty: Moderate
    The trail begins at the southern end of the picnic area and features a diversity of plant and animal life. Wildflowers are particularly numerous in spring

    Walcott Lake Trail - Length: 3/4 mile, Time: 1/2 hour, Difficulty: Easy
    This easy trail atop the fishing lake levee offers a chance to view shorebirds as well as the best vantage point to view the park's bat condo. A wildlife observation platform is located nearby

  • DeGray Lake Resort State Park

    Island Trail - Length: 1 Mile, Time: 1 1/2 hour, Difficulty: Easy
    The trail begins near the front entrance of the lodge. The first 75 - 100 yards lead to a road crossing, then the trail splits into a loop which circles back to the beginning. Hardwoods predominate the forest canopy. The trail is located 50 - 60 fett from the lakeshore and provides the opportunity for solitude and scenic beauty.

    Towering Pines Trail - Length: 1/2 mile, Time: 3/4 hour, Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
    This loop trail meanders through the mixed pine and hardwood forest to lakeshore and returns to its point of origin. It is particularly spectacular in the spring as it displays an abundance of dogwood trees.

  • Delta Heritage Trail - Length: 73 1/2 miles, Difficulty: Easy to Strenuous
    The Delta Heritage Trail is a rail to trail conversion that was acquired Arkansas State Parks in 1993. Approximately 4.5 miles are currently under development at its northern end. Once completed, the trail will be open to hikers and bicyclists looking for an experience in some of the most remote and scenic areas remaining in eastern Arkansas's Mississippi Delta
  • Devil's Den State Park

    Devil's Den Self Guided Trail (National Recreation Trail) - Length: 1 1/2 mile, Time: 2 to 3 hours, Difficulty: Moderate
    The Devil's Den Trail, one of the most popular trails within the park, features two fracture caves: The Devil;s Den and the Devil's Icebox. Gravity flows springs, peruliar erosional remnants of sandstone strata, wet weather waterfalls, and lush Ozark plant and animal life are just a few sites you can expect as you wind through the rugged Boston Mountain terrain. A flashlight is necessary to explore the caves. Extreme caution should be used while walking in the cave area due to open crevasses. Trailheads are located behind the visitor center and by highway 170 bridge at Lee Creek.

    Woody Plant Trail - Length: 1/4 mile, Time: 1/2 to 3/4 hour, Difficulty: Easy
    This short, self guided trail begins near either bathhouse in camping area E and meanders through the woods surrounding the campgrounds. To help visitors learn more about the diversified plant life found in this part of the Ozarks, plants along the trail have been numbered to correspond with an identification sheet which is available at the visitors center

  • Lake Catherine State Park

    Dam Mountain Trail (National Recreation Trail) - Length: 4 miles, Time: 2 1/2 to 3 hours, Difficulty: Moderate
    The trail passes through the pine/hardwood forest of the park to the top of narrow Mountain. Spring and fall offer a variety of wildflowers, plants, and animal life. Streams and cascades are great for providing solitude and attracting the keen eye of the photographer.

    Falls Branch Trail (National Recreation Trail) - Length: 2 miles, Time: 1 1/2 to 2 hours, Difficulty: Moderate
    The trail begins near the campground and winds through the pine/hardwood forest of the park, crossing Little Canyon Creek several times. It eventually leads to a scenic waterfall on Falls Creek and works its way back to the trailhead.

    Horseshoe Mountain Trail (National Recreation Trail) - Length: 3 1/2 miles, Time: 2 to 2 1/2 hours, Difficulty: Moderate
    The trail passes through pine/hardwood forests and novaculite glades along the ridgetop of Horseshoe Mountain. Hikers can enjoy wildflowers, interesting rock formations and scenic vistas.

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