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Minnesota Clickable State Map

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Minnesota Landmark and Natural Formation to spend a day with
  • Agate Beach - Gooseberry Falls - Lake Superior agate, offical Minnesota state mineral. found along beach and North Shore of Lake Superior. Agates recognized by reddish orange color with White Bands. No Collecting in the Park
  • Barn Bluff - Red Wing - Former island in Mississippi River Channel before natural course change, now high Bluff overlooking Red Wing and River. Offers spectacular views of Lake Pepin, Mississippi River and Red Wing fault.
  • Big Spring - Forestville State Park - Underground Canfield Creek emerages from cave to form spring. Access by Hiking-Horseback riding trail in Park. Spring located in Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest. Area Marked by caves, sinkholes and underground rivers.
  • Big Woods - Nerstrand Woods State Park - Exceptional remnant of large deciduous trees, including oak, hard maple, elm, and basswood trees.
  • Blue Mounds - Blue Mounds State Park - Tons of Sioux Quartzite forming a cliff one mile long and 100 feet high. Appears blue as the sun sets behind it
  • Bluestem Prairie - Buffalo River State Park - Prairie lies along beach ridge of Glacial Lake Agassiz. The Nature conservancy protects over 307 native plant species and 54 native prairie grasses. Nesting and booming grounds for greater prairie chickens
  • Boulder Hill - Bena - 40-50 foot high kame in generally flat area of Chippewa National Forest. 0.25 mile long and forested. Lookout tower
  • Braided Delta Eskers - Marcell - Delta formed by meltwaters of two glacial lobes. Rugged topography includes braided eskers, caused by divided and intertwining glacial stream. Many kettle lakes in vicinity. Forested area in Chippewa National Forest
  • Cascade Falls - Cascade River State Park - Numerous cascading waterfalls seen on Cascade River. Formed from basalt and eroding sedimentary rock. Hiking Trails provide access
  • Chase Point Esker - Scenic State Park - One of the most prominent examples of Eskers in Minnesota. Interpretive trail follows esker between Coon and Sandwick Lakes. Scenic overlook at Chase Point. Interpretive Center
  • Chimney Rock - Whitewater State Park - 40 foot high chimney shaped sandstone rock. Carved by erosive waters typical of southeastern Minnesota. Chimney Rock Geological Center provides slide presentation and interpretive displays
  • Coteau Des Prairies - Pipestone National Monument - Highland of the Praries consists of glacial drift and Sioux quartzite rising between ancient River basins in Southwestern Minnesota. Pipestone National Monument falls on crest of Coteau Des Prairies and exhibits many Native prarie grasses
  • Devil's Kettle - Judge C. R. Magney State Park - Unusual Water Fall segment on Brule River. Jutting rock Mass divides the river into 2 Sections. Eastern Part drops 50 feet into the pool below. While the Western part plunges into a huge pothole, and according to legend disappers forever
  • Driftless Area - O.L. Kipp State Park - Example of Preglacial Minnesota left untouched by glacial debris. Land covered with a blanket of windblown soil, carved by erosive wind and dissecting waters
  • Eagle Mountain - Grand Marais - Highest point in Minnesota -2301 feet- Lies within the Superior National Forest with access through Pat Bayle State Forest
  • Ely Greenstone - Ely - Pillow rock outcropping, composed of molten rock cooled below primeval ocean. Est. at 2.7 billion years old. Gray-Green in color.
  • Goat Prairies - O.L. Kipp State Park - King and Queens Bluffs provide habitat for unique plant community growing on a 40-50- degree slopes, facing the south southwest, so steep only Goats can graze
  • Gooseberry Falls - Gooseberry Falls State Park - Bedrock waterfalls of Gooseberry River. Examples of Glacial scouring and ancient lava flows along North Shore of Lake Superior. Five seperate falls with a range from 30 to 60 feet
  • Granite Gneiss - Granite Falls - Oldest known exposed rocks in the world dating Back 3.8 billion years. formations consists of quartz, feldspar, and crystals. colors range from gray to pink and dark red
  • Ironwood tree - Maplewood State Park - Largest Ironwood Tree in Minnesota. 22 inches wide and 35 feet tall, average Ironwood is 6 inches wide and 16 feet Tall
  • Karst Toporaphy - Fountain - Landscape is dotted with sinkholes filled with rocks, water or living Trees. Formed as limestone caves dissolve and collapsed. Many of the sinkholes can be viewed from state route 80 between Wykoff and Fountain
  • Lake Agassiz - Old Mill State Park - Prehistoric glacial Lake. including Beach Ridges that developed when new outlets formed and lake levels dropped in stages. Self Guided tours. Upper and Lower red Lakes and Lake of the Woods, Lake Manitoba in canada are remnants of Lake Agassiz
  • Lake Itasca - Itasca State Park - Source of the Mississippi Rive discovered by Henry schoolcraft in 1891. Interpretive center and trail
  • Lake Superior - Split Rock Lighthouse State Park - Largest fresh water lake in the world. 350 miles long 160 miles wide. Bordered by Minnesota , Wisconsin, and Canada. Excellent vantage point
  • Laurentian Divide - Virginia - Ridge of low rugged hills dividing the drainage systems across Northern Minnesota. Three way continental divide where headwatersof streams flow north to Hudson Bay, east to St. Lawrence River or South to the gulf of Mexico
  • Lost Forty - Dora Lake - Virgin red and white pines left untouched by early loggers because of Mapping errors showing the area underwater. In Chippewa National Forest
  • Magnetic Rock - NW of Grand Marais - Building size rock, relic from Glacial Age. 10 feet wide 20 feet long and 30 Feet high. Possesses a strong Magnetic field. Compass demonstrates magnetism of Rock, but may be damaged by prolonged exposure. Located off the Gunflint Trail in Superior National Forest
  • Minnehaha Falls - Minneapolis - 53 Foot high water Fall in City Park. Mentioned in Longfellows poem "Song of Hiawatha"
  • Mystery Cave - Forestville State Park - Longest cave in Minnesota with over 12 miles of Natural passages. Guided tours through representive portions of the cave. Average year round Temp is 47 degrees. Used by four species of hibernating bats
  • Niagara Cave - Harmony - Limestone cave features 60 foot high water Fall, stalactite room, bridal path, wishing well, and wedding chapel. Guided Tours
  • Norway Dunes - Halma - Sand dunes provide habitat for vegetation abundant before settlement. accumulated on eastern side og Glacial Lake agassiz. Oak savanna with bur oak and rare clustered broomrapes
  • Pennington Bog - Pennington - Bog contains an abundance of Orchids. State Scientific and Natural area. Permit Required from Minnesota Department of Natural Resources information Center. (612)296-6157
  • Potholes - Interstate State Park - Potholes formed after waters of Glacial Lake Duluth roared south carving the St Croix River Valley. Park contains over 100 Potholes including the widest and deepest Potholes recorded in the world: "The Caldron" over 20 feet wide and the "bottomless pit" over 60 feet deep. Interpertive center and trail to Potholes
  • Shovel Point - Tettegouche State Park - Tilting bedrock formed when basaltic lava poured out of the continental rift. creating Sawtooth Mountains and bedrock of the North Shore of Lake Superior. Release of lava from beneath the lake caused the flows to tilt southeast 20 to 30 degrees
  • Temperance River Gorge - Temperance River State Park - Narrow gorge formed as lava potholes became larger and connected with each other. Dry Potholes were left on the sides of the gorge as streams changed course or grew smaller. There are trails on both sides of the Gorge
  • Tinta-inya-ota - Minneopa State Park - Numerous graniteerratics. Dakota Indian Name means "Prairie with Many rocks"
  • Zimmerman Prairie - Ulen - Black soil prairie dominated by big bluestem, Indian grass, prairie cord grass, and rare sedge. Natural prairie vegetation escaped settlers plow. Marbled godwit, upland sandpiper and greater prairie Chickens are present


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