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Jet Ski rentals in Virginia Beach


One of the most popular vacation destinations on the east coast, Virginia Beach is home to some fantastic outdoor water sports.  Choose from these many outfitters to rent a jet ski, waverunner, or boat from in the area. 


Rudee Inlet Jet Ski Rentals 

300 Wilston Salem Avenue 

Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

757 422 8359, www.beachparasail.com 


You can speed up your life with one, two or three seaters wave runners and jet skis. You can get the most exciting ride and make your day memorable at extremely affordable price with this company. The company was founded in 1985 and since then it has been known for providing great service at reasonable prices. Not only do they specialize in Jet Ski rentals but they also provide parasailing services to the more adventurous.


The rides are conducted under the expert supervision and all the precautions are taken to ensure your absolute safety. Safety harnesses ensure that even if there is an accident the customers won’t get hurt. It is a complete package of adventure and thrill without compromising the safety concerns. 


Great White Water Sports, LLC 

2800 Shore Drive, 

VA Beach, VA 

757 450 4096, www.greatwhitewatersports.com 


This company is the only one which gives you the chance to choose your own location for riding the Jet Ski. Special services for birthday parties, corporate events, anniversaries and other group events can be organized with this company in a unique way. If you and your partner are adventure seeking people, then it is a good way to give a Jet Ski ride as a birthday present. Isn’t it?


Rudee Rocket 

200 Wilston Salem Avenue 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 

757 425 3400, www.rudeerocket.com 


If you want to roar along with the ocean currents of the Atlantic Ocean and you want to explore the sea alone, then you can hire your own jet ski and ride it along the Virginia Beach with Rudee Rocket. Like the name suggests this company will provide you a rocket power engine so that you can get a high speed drive of the ocean.


With their tag line ‘JUST WATER AND 2000 HORSE POWER,’ you can get the highest speed Jet Ski. If you are lucky enough you can also get a sight of the dolphins. All you need is your camera and your swim suit and you are ready for the adventure ride. If you want to enjoy your life and go away from the hustle and bustle of the city then call now and book your reservations with Rudee Rocket. 


Adventure Parasail Kayak Rentals 

300 wilston Salem Road 

Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

757 422 8359, www.beachparasail.com 


This company will give you all the options for getting Jet Ski, Parasailing and Kayak rentals on the Virginia Beach. They will book your reservations with the best company serving Jet Ski rentals in the city. You can call the adventure Parasail and kayak Rentals if you want to soak yourself completely with adventure and fun. If you are looking for a getaway from the hectic life of the city, visit their web site and find the best company for Jet Ski rental with the best price. 

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